seamless hybrid..... check!

 i know it's monday and all, but i've got something to dance about... it's done! i finished the sweater!!

.. can you believe it?!  and in time for father's day!! i actually finished it early sat. morning, so i could cast on for the KAL at knit night. ohhh i'm happy!
and here's the best part... it fits!! and it fits him well!
 of course i managed to get some pics... but just so you know, he's not the biggest fan of photo shoots.... so he did well for me :)

here are the deets. :)
the seamless hybrid by elizabeth zimmerman in knitting without tears.


first of all, i am a huge fan of EZ's patterns.... as i think most knitters are. it just amazes me how she could figure out the formula to knit up a sweater for any body shape. and then to impart this knowledge to us knitters, and give us enormous confidence in knitting a sweater on our own... based on our own calculations!!! love her.

some people have done a turned hem for the cuffs, but i really like the basic ribbing...


i used a 4.5mm needle, and used cascade 220 yarn. this colour is called vachon island heather.. it's more in the brown family.
i cast on 208 sts and then increased to 210sts after the ribbing. long sleeves for this sweater are 20% of the body, so i cast on 40sts. i know it's supposed to be 42 sts, but it wouldn't work out with the ribbing.. so after about 1.5" of ribbing, i increased to the 42 sts, and then began EZ's increase rounds.
after joining the body and the sleeves together, i had 306 sts on the needles, with 44sts on holders for the underarms.

i really like the saddle shoulders on this sweater.. it's good for Les' frame. he's got those lovely broad shoulders. ;)

the saddle yoke was a trickier part, because i couldn't figure out the math for that one at first, but then i discovered that it's 10% of your original body sts, in my case 210sts =21sts x2=42 rows for the saddle yoke.
the neck back is 8% of my original body sts = 16.8, rounded up to 17 x2=34 rows for neck back.

and i decided to stick with the regular neck yoke as in the pattern, instead of the shirt yoke. I like the small detail on the back.

this is a comfy, and warm sweater... and i think stylish too! my label has yet to go on it... where do you think i should put it? neck back, sleeve or lower body.. by the ribbing? thoughts?

this isn't the only project i kept myself busy with... remember, i'm a crazy knitter... major obsessions... it's ok, i've accepted it... and you should too :)
knit night was on saturday. and i'm lucky enough to be able to go to knit night with shannon from luvinthemommyhood , and guess what it's her bday today! (go on over, and show her some love) ...
so anyways, a present was in order, i thought... being a birthday and all...

i think it looks cute :)
the baby blanket is making progress too!! no pics yet, except from what you've already seen... here. but i am busy with this now, as i need to get it finished and up in the store before we leave on friday. we're headed to alberta for a family wedding. fun! i hope i can find something to wear!
i have finally cast on for the KAL. !!! wanna know what i'm working on?
drumroll please...

c a r a m e l!

Source: etsy.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

i'm looking forward to cuddling up in this baby when it's all done! I'm knitting this in sirdar country & style.

the colours i've chosen are a heathered brown, and a grey... maybe i'll throw in a blue stripe too, we'll see. i have a loose gauge, so i'm knitting this with a 3mm needle. it's knit from the top down.
yep. i'm excited!

you could say i've kept myself busy this weekend! it's a great start to the week! here's hoping i get the blanket finished before we leave on friday!

how was your weekend? how did you celebrate father's day? any of you have tips on where my label should go on les' sweater?  have any of you knitted any of elizabeth zimmerman's patterns? let's chat!


  1. Wow! How exciting to finish you hubs sweater! What an accomplishment. I still need to knit my husband a sweater which is a daunting task as he is 6' 5"! I don't even want to think about the sleeve length either.

    I hope you have a great time at the wedding.

  2. eep! that would take up a lot of yarn! :) les has been waiting a long time for this one, so i figured it was due.
    this is a great pattern to figure though!

  3. Beautiful job on his sweater!!!! I just love it! Someday I will get there haha!...it is such an inspiration to see the things you've completed. I have never enjoyed knitting more than I do now! Have fun tonight!

  4. you will get there! i'm so happy you're enjoying your knitting so much! i find it gives me a sense of peace... and i find the rhythm of knitting very soothing...


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