making progress!

...well, sort of ;)
this is the father's day gift i'm frantically trying to finish by this weekend.

but before you spit your coffee all over your moniter, i  know it may not get done... but i'm dreaming and knitting like it's nobody's business...

i'm just at the yoke now... i actually had bought this yarn over a year ago, for a sweater for me.. but the hubs liked it too, so it became a sweater for him. I was skeptical that i'd have enough, (yarn that is...) but i thought i might, 'cause i was pretty sure that i had bought an extra skein or two... well... that there is the rest of the wool for the sweater. clearly not enough! eep!!

but guess what!?! i head on over to my lys yesterday and they have the skein i need... same dye lot!!! this never happens. especially after it being about a year since i first bought the yarn.
needless to say.. i am happy :)

so let's hope it gets finished!
(yep, this is the craft/play room.. it's a work in progress as well... but i'll fill ya in on it sometime)

i haven't even cast on yet for the kal. shocking, i know.. considering i've been chatting about it so so much.. but ... i'm also working on a store sample! wanna peek?

i'm thankful it's crochet ;) so pretty.. and goodness, so so soft. it's being worked up with sirdar calico dk.

it's a blend of cotton and acrylic. honestly, it's so soft! perfect for a little baby blanket ;)

here's hoping i can whip this one out quickly! :) and since i've only been working on it for 2 days.. i'd say i'm off to a good start....

but really... i'm keeping myself busy trying to finish up this sweater for the hubs... i think it would be nice to give for father's day... and owen is going to make a card. he's excited about the glitter glue... :) we've got a couple of other things planned too... and it might include popcorn ;)

tomorrow night is knit night! i'm excited, and hoping i'll have my kal along with me!

what are you up to this weekend? any father's day plans? i'd love to hear about them! how is the kal going for those involved? leave me a comment! i'm in the mood to chat today. :)


  1. I love Sirdar Calico! It is like the most awesome baby knitting/crocheting yarn EVAR! Those squares are super cute too!

    I am completely enamored with my KAL project...I already have 6 or 7 inches on one of the fronts done. It is perfectly perfect for patterning...just enough of a pattern switch up to keep you interested but not too much that you can't watch tv or difficult you want to throw it across the room.

    This weekend however, I am hoping to sew up curtains for the kiddlets room, they haven't been sleeping so well in all this light ;) The problem is that I don't want to go buy fabric but I don't have enough of one matching fabric to make thick, blackout curtains. I'm planning on making patchwork style curtains with big square blocks. I'm pretty sure I have enough fabric for matching backing fabric and I might have just enough batting to make the curtains thick...if not well, I'll have to get creative :)

    Good luck with that sweater! What great luck on the extra yarn.


  2. nice! i need to try to sew curtains. probably a good beginner project :) i bet they'll look great, and the kiddos will sleep well too! yay for KAL progress too! you never cease to impress me buffy.

  3. Oooh, if you're looking for a beginner sewing project I just found one on I Am Momma Hear Me Roar, well technically she linked to one so here's to link happiness http://iammommahearmeroar.blogspot.com/2011/06/feature-friday.html

    I actually think I'll teach my older boys to sew these up too!

  4. those are super cute! thanks for the link!

  5. My KAL is coming along nicely. It's been a rough coupla days, and I really need the restorative power of knit night this week...

  6. i am also SO looking forward to knit night. it's gonna be a good one, i can feel it.. ha. they are always good. <3 looking forward to seeing you!


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