i have a very ridiculous question to ask you....

 .....do you know what today is??? haha. of course you do... it's the very first day of the knit along with luvinthemommyhood!!!
and now here's the second question... how obvious is it that i'm just a little bit excited?

now i actually am already a little bit behind!!! but that's not important. as predicted, the hub's sweater is not yet completed... but i don't think it will be long now. a part of me even thinks that maybe i should just chug through it, and then start the kal... but that's also ridiculous. one can always have several things on the

so i'm swatching (aren't ya surprised i didn't do this last night?? that's how much i really want to finish the sweater for my hubs.), and still (kind of) deciding on the final pattern. I'm so torn between two, that I feel like casting on for both.

yet another crazy endeavor. but you have to understand how happy this makes me, to be able to be surrounded by so much yarn and options!
so here's the decision. i really really love caramel by the talented isabell.

the pattern has only just been published! i've been waiting on this one ever since i first laid eyes on it. she's posted it on her blog grasflecken . go! check it out!!  so yes. and also, how cozy would this cardi be? uber cozy.

and here's the other pattern: (but i'm sure you already know)

yup! hannah fettig's featherweight cardigan.

it's also pretty obvious that i'm into the stripes this summer, hey? haha. it's just so cozy, and camping-like.
but that's where i'm at. don't worry, i won't be posting daily only the knitalong..there will be lots of other things on my needles as well. (i know, i am crazy).

don't worry, i'll just sit here quietly, and knit. after the kiddo goes to bed, and my third pot of coffee is brewing, and the dishes are done..... it will all get done, eventually, right? 

how about you? have you cast on officially now? what are you knitting up? i'd love to hear about it, and to share about our knitterly triumphs, and froggings. ;) get your knitting mojo on, and let's go!


  1. I am sooooo excited too! This is my first official KAL and I am going to go in deep with Deborah Newton's Reversible Come and Go Sweater. I've seen all the finished ones on Ravelry and I really think I can do it.

    I am still finishing up on my Gooseberry Cardi, because stocking stitch can get so tedious I am working on the first sleeve. I imagine I'm at least half done with it...I still have 4 inches of ribbing on the bottom of the sweater left to do then I can do the edges. However, I'm not too concerned with having 2 projects going at one time because one is super simple and the other more complex so it is a good match.

    Can't wait to see what you pick to make!

  2. ohh i KNOW you can do it! and yes, i think it's good to have several projects on the go, because it gives you a break from project to project, while still being productive in the knitterly sense, yes?
    your choice for the reversible come and go sweater is incredible! what a beautiful and cozy sweater for the fall!


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