our first camping trip of the season went well! but it would have been even better if i had this blanket to curl up in...

the weather was wonderful, as was the company. our little guy had a blast! but now it's time to buckle down. the KAL starts in just two days!! are ya ready?
i am.. almost.. but i will be!
right now i have the craziest idea that i will finish the sweater for the hubs before the knit along... i am insane. clearly. i finished the first sleeve last night, and knitted up the cuff of the second sleeve. the body is good up until the armpits.
honestly? it's probably not going to get completely finished... but at least i'm getting my butt in gear :)
it's an Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern. the seamless hybrid.

Source: ravelry.com via Jenn on Pinterest

i love this sweater.... and i hope it fits him well. i'm knitting it in a heathered brown. i just love her patterns. she was truly an amazing woman. and i think i've knitted more than half of the sweater now.... so you never know, i could surprise you ;)
i'm still hoping to get a hold of a pattern in time for the KAL.... so while i wait.... i should be knitting :)

how was your weekend? any crazy deadlines you have to meet? grab a coffee, come chat with me. i'm just here knitting, and looking forward to your company.

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