did you know...

... that today is international yarn bombing day?? it sure is!

Source: google.ca via Rebecca on Pinterest

for those of you who aren't sure what yarn bombing is... here's a quick low-down. wikipedia defines it as "a type of graffiti or street art that employs colorful displays of knitted or croched cloth rather than paint or chalk."

Source: google.ca via Rebecca on Pinterest

a lot of these works of art sometimes hang around for years, but they are non-permanent, and it can be removed easily if necessary. it is techniqually illegal, however it's not seriously prosecuted.

i really think it's a lovely way to show the world some colour!! it's a great way for knitters to express themselves :)

Source: google.ca via Rebecca on Pinterest

it's not at all meant to be offensive... i think more to bring a smile to your face. .. and as you can see, some projects are difinitely more elaborate than others!

i love it! to see knitters unite all over the world :) but here's a neat tid-bit.. the founder of international yarn bombing day is canadian! yup! alberta-based knitter joann matvichuk! cool, hey? be sure to check out her site. she talks of how she started the idea of creating a day for it, amongst other things. this has surely gotten some wold wide attention! and you can see how! what amazing works of art!

so you see... this is kind of a cool day :)

i would drive this car. totally.

this day is taken pretty seriously;)

stunning.... isn't it? i'm off to go camping for the day and night ... we're just trying out one night, cause of our little kitty... but i think it will be fun! we'll be meeting some friends of ours.. the kids will tire themselves out for sure. of course i'm bringing my knitting.... (i'm not crazy enough to forget it). i'm sad to miss knit night tonight, but i'll be there next week!

who knows, maybe i'll get up to a little bit of yarn bombing of my own on the campsite! ;) 

have you ever participated in international yarn bomb day before? do you think you will now? what are you up to this weekend? leave me a comment, i'd love to chat!


  1. Wowsers! That's awesome! Did you do any - or see any anywhere? I love it!

  2. this year i wasn't able to get any up... but you can bet your bum i'll be taking part next year. a few months ago, there were a couple of trees that were "bombed" it looked nice...


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