back to square one... maybe....

i really thought i had it all sorted out. the KAL starts in less than a week!!! but, i don't. :) i'm smiling, because this is kind of typical of me... and also, if i just have this many choices here at home, patterns and yarn, i might be able to make all of them. wait.... i didn't say that.

it's basically between two different styles. one is the lace weight cardi that i've been talking about lots... it would be so lovely, but it will take a while. i mean a 2 ply yarn on 3 or 3.25mm needles make for some slow knitting...
but i do have lots of the yarn....
but then the hubs reminded me that he had brought back a lot of yarn from peru for me. (yep, he's a keeper) so i took a look at it.

it's called puchka. it's a blend of alpaca and acrylic. it's a worsted weight yarn. about 200 yds to 100g skein. and i have about 5 skeins in each grey, green, navy, and pink. i know! a lot :)

i think it would make a great blanket style cardi... like this:

and this one too...

these would be uber comfy, and pretty quick knits, don't you think so?

but i still also like the featherweight cardi... i know i know, make up your mind already... haha. well i still have 5 days :)

i read the most helpful and informative post yesterday about yarn selection. if you were to have any questions about yarn choices for your fav patterns, this post chalks you full of confidence and the knowledge to substitute yarns and still make your pattern choice work!

i found it on luvinthemommyhood . (a favourite blogger of mine) .... her guest buffy from passionate design wrote it. it is such an informative read!

honestly, i urge you to read it!! it will help a lot. i promise. it's got the kind of stuff that will make you a ninja in the yarn store, when it comes to choosing your yarn. really really.

at any rate, i'm not discouraged. nope. like i said, i've got time. i'll make my decision(s) in time. i'm not worried... i don't think.. i'm a knitting ninja, remember?

for those of you joining in on the KAL do you have your yarn choice and patterns ready? are you getting as excited as i am on this venture? i'm looking forward to meeting lots of people through this knit-along. will you be joining us? what's on your needles right now? leave me a comment, i'd love to chat.


  1. Well my goal wasn't to turn people into yarn ninjas but I'll go with it:)

    Oh, what a problem! The smaller yarn might be nicer to knit in the hot summer months because it is a 100% fiber though the alpaca blend will be nice because then it won't stretch as long. I say you write out each sweater pattern you're contemplating on a scrap of paper and then put them in a bowl/hat and have your son pick one for you :)

  2. haha that's a great way to make my decision, buffy :) i really really loved your post. and i learned so much.. but i'm still as undecided. why don't we have many more hours in the day, hey?

  3. We don't need more time in each day, we just need to not be responsible for cleaning, cooking and all the other mundane stuff ;)


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