fighter butterflies....

i have a friend who's fighting a battle, and i thought she needed some armor. ....

these hats are the lace-edged women's hat and the butterfly hat both found on ravelry. i've made both hats before, and i like them.

i knitted them with berroco weekend which is an aran weight yarn. and with a size 4.5mm needle. you can check out my ravelry details on both hats here.

i really love this yarn. a lot of people have mentioned that it's splitty.. meaning that the ply's come apart very easily. i didn't have a problem with that at all... i find the yarn to be uber soft.. and i love love the colour selections offered.

soo squishy and yummy.

the butterfly's look a little tricky to achieve, but really it's so simple! these hats are great and enjoyable to knit up.

and i bet she looks fabulous wearing them. i just bet she does.

 and... before she knows it, she'll be back to doing this:

... and this....

i hope we all get a chance to drink in a little sunshine this week. (and knitting) :)

what are your favourite things to do in the summer? are you a camping fan like i am? have you made any hats recently? leave me a comment....i'd love to hear your fav. pattern to go to!


  1. I LOVE to camp! Also I love to camp in terrible weather which seems very odd considering I am a real girly girl and hate being uncomfortable. Except when I'm camping. Of course my reasoning has more to do with my completely biased and unresearched opinion that the worse the camping conditions the better the memories. Last year the weather was so cold when we went camping that the baby and I had to sleep in the suburban (it was still freezing and uncomfortable) yet in the morning the kids were so happy, the baby napped well on the way home, the fire extra cozy and my Starbucks VIA coffee delish!

  2. haha, that's great!! we're hoping to be a real camping family with our kids... next year we'd like to invest in a tent trailer, which will make for a little more comfortable camping in bad weather. i just love love listening to the rain and to the wind though.... it's the best to sleep to... and with all of that fresh air.. bliss! of course, the nice weather is great too :)

  3. To such an amazing and loving friend with incredible heart. I just want to say thanks again! You have no idea the amount of joy and hope you gave me! XO

  4. awww thank you stacey. xoxoxoxox


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