like 2 peas in a pod....

i finished this order just a little while ago, and these little cuties will be picked up tomorrow! this is elizabeth zimmerman's infamous baby surprise jacket...

i honestly, absolutely looooove these jackets! really, really.

as you know, i am a self-proclaimed lover of all things "ez". elizabeth zimmerman just had such an incredible talent! the construction of these jackets are relatively simple, yet absolutely ingenious.

i love watching the jacket grow, and how the colours chosen can influence your choice of striping.  this jacket was designed in 1968 and still remains a very popular garment today! it became so popular that larger sizes were configured, even into adult!

the garter stitching makes for very easy knitting, and gives a lot of stretch to the garment. not to mention warmth! and with the upcoming fall and winter season, i'm sure this will be a favourite jacket to grab.

i'm getting more and more excited for the fall, just looking at these jackets! (and i don't even get to keep them!)
alright.. here are the deets:

needle: 3.75mm
yarn: worsted weight.
and i made the smallest size, as the jackets are meant to be gifts for newborn babies. ... twins!
i have used both sets of instructions in the past for these jackets. elizabeth zimmerman wrote her patterns very differently than what most knitters are used to now a days... and i find that the line by line instructions are by far easier to follow. the increases and decreases used in this jacket are doubled... it's an important detail to remember ;) 
the buttons, i got at buttons and needlework boutique in victoria. i loooove this store. the selection of buttons are my fav, and i've often gravitated to these exact ones... especially for the cobblestone vests.

i decided to put the label on the back of the jacket, as it will be more out of the way for babe... and.. i figure it will be seen, as a lot of babies are held with tummies to mommies and daddies ;) (yeah.. i planned that one)

at any rate.. i'm glad that these two jackets will be staying together. i think they like eachother's company, don't you?
also.. if you live in the victoria area, and are wanting to try your hand at this pattern, fear not!! i'll be teaching it at the cloth castle! can't wait!!! i am very excited about the new fall and winter class schedule. it will be out soon, and it will be full of yarny goodness!!!

i honestly can't wait to share it with you!!! (but i will... just a little bit)

are you getting excited for the fall and winter weather so that these types of knits can be worn? have you tried an elizabeth zimmerman pattern before? i'd love to hear about it! please share a link to your FO's here! the morning has started off overcast and windy... i'm sure in the mood to cozy up to a cup of coffee and your company.. let's chat!


  1. Soooo cute, Rebecca! Very clever tag placement! I'm so sad I never got the chance to take a class with you. :-(

  2. thanks moriah! i rather like the tag placement too ;) also, never say never! there will always be other opportunities! how are you enjoying settling in to your new place?

  3. If you wake up tomorrow and these are gone you know who took them..lol.

  4. ugh! settling, but slowly. ;-) True, I'm sure we'll end up in the same city again at some point! :-)

  5. These are sooo adorable!! I love the colour combinations too! I made an attempt to knit this pattern but didn't get very far with it and ended up frogging it. I made this attempt back when I just started taking knitting seriously and still didn't have much of a clue of what I was doing. I wish the Cloth Castle wasn't so far away from me, I would love to take your class on this!

  6. hey melissa!! you can totally knit this pattern up. not difficult at all! the cloth castle isn't sooo far away. the #50 bus goes right in front of it! :)


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