meal planning and more!

helloo! i missed you! did you miss me? how was your weekend? ours was uber, and i mean uber full.... and fun :) lots and lots of park time, tonnes of crafting, and finalizing schedules. i was really sad to miss knit night this week, but my day had been sooo busy, and my little guy missed me soo much, i just didn't have the heart to dash out again... so we all just had a quieter evening at home on the sat.
but before i get ahead of myself, here's what we're eating this week :)

it's a yummy summer themed week. we're having quesadillas again (sorry i spelled it wrong on the chalkboard). ha. oh well, we all make mistakes. i love this recipe though! i really am a fan of this dish. do you have a fav meal that you tend to fall back on a lot because it's just well... soooooo good? i bet you do! and i promise to share the deets on the recipe with you once we make it. sound good? good.

as i had mentioned too, i've been really busy on the knitting front. so many exciting things in the works! here's a little sneak peak!

 but it's no secret ;) i can talk about it. this one is from jane richmond's pattern "marian". i loooove it! it's so squishy and soft! i've used lion brand wool ease thick and quick. i didn't have the recommended 15.0mm needles, but i did have the 12.75mm. i'm refusing to buy any other needles... until i order my knitpicks interchangeable needles.

i've only been drooling over these babies... and talking about them non stop. i just know i'll knit faster and better with these needles. hopefully i won't have to wait too much longer....

i like the outcome of marian though! and soon you'll see more pics of it!
the etsy shop has been a priority for me... and i've actually just updated all of the photos! so i've decided to feature one item for ya today...

remember these guys?

Source: etsy.com via Rebecca on Pinterest

yup. these are the "hug your coffee" mug hugs. i'm always getting compliments on these! and they're so portable. i just keep one in my bag at all times, and i never have to worry about burning my hands... also.. they're uber cute. it's a good time to be thinking and planning for gift giving, these make great stocking stuffers! check my shop for more pics!  by the way.. i'm loving my bag!! i totally recommend making one!

how was your weekend? did you get some crafting done? i'd love to hear what you've been up to? i've got so much to share with you this week! can't wait! have you used the "hug your coffee" tutorial? i'd love to see pics! post a link for all of us to see!


  1. You're going to love your KP set!! I don't know what I would do without them!

    PS: Super cute mug hugs! I love the pink one! :)

  2. weee thanks! i think i might be ordering them soon as knit picks has a swift for sale only until monday. i feel like i'm the ONLY one without the interchangeable set. haha.


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