the girl has a bag!

and this girl loooooooves bags. a lot. :)

this past weekend we had our first modern sewing group organized by shannon of luvinthemommyhood, and hosted by the satin moon quilt shop... it was a great set up!! ...and i had sooooo much fun! so this is my first real project i'd say. i've done a quilt that was tied and sewn inside out, and then flipped right side out on the last edge.. but i really don't know much about sewing. yet, i do own anna maria horner fabric. swoon.!

all i have are fat quarters, so i had to use two different fabrics for one side of the bag, but i like the effect! 
i used the tutorial for the reversible bag  from here. the jean material i totally just got from an old pair of pants from the hubs ;) don't worry... i checked.. he was done with them. 

at the beginning of the meetup, i was definitely doe-eyed. i seriously felt overwhelmed, but i'm so glad i didn't decide to just nip into a corner and take out my knitting. i'm proud of myself!
and i love the bag. i will use it lots. 
i was soooo frustrated when my machine broke down, but fortunately the super friendly folks at the cloth castle are lending me a machine while i wait for a dr's report on my machine.... so yay for a finished project!

it's perfect for summer, and fall... and i'll totally use it a lot. 

you likey? did you notice that i managed to put in my label? (i don't mean the business card in the background... i actually sewed my label into the side of the bag! weeee!) 
the bag is far from perfect, but i'm really happy with it.

are you a sewer? what was your first project? were you as terrified as i was? soo glad i stuck it through! now i'm more excited to try new sewing projects!


  1. Looks great! How nice of CC to give you a loaner.

  2. Hooray! I hope you wear it tomorrow so we can all have a lookey!

  3. Lovely!!!!!!!!!!! So glad it all worked out! It was fun to be a part of it :) So cute! You better wear it out tomorrow.

  4. thanks ladies! i promise to wear it out tomorrow :) thanks for all of the help!

  5. Oooh I like it too! Very ambitious to use denim on your first big project! Yay for loaners too! My mum has two machines, one she uses all the time and one for back up when her baby goes into the docs for a tune up.

    So glad you didn't give up!

  6. Great job Rebecca!! It looks AWESOME!

  7. I wanna learn to sew now!!!

  8. thanks! :) i had fun with this project.


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