pretty in pink

i had planned to show you my new sewing project today.. but ... the poor machine is in the shop... soooo i've got something else to share instead.

cuuute, right? this is an adorable baby sweater knit from the "Debbie Bliss Baby Knits" book. this is the raglan sweater. it's a great pattern, and very suitable for beginners. this knits up quickly!

i added the embroidered flowers just for a little "oomph." i think it's a nice touch.
the yarn is actually vintage. for real vintage. it's from sears. called sayelle. clearly discontinued.  haha. my oma gave me a lot of her yarn to me a couple of years ago.. and i know this must have been in her stash a very very long time...

i like this pattern, and have used it many times. it is knit in pieces, but it's not so frustrating, and a good project to also learn seaming on. also, if you've ever wondered how to embroider on knits, this is a perfect project to practice on. the stitches are easy to see, and the yarn used is thick enough not to be too finicky.

i think it will look very cute on the recipient, no?

at any rate. i'm pleased with it.

do you have any quick go-to patterns when looking for a speedy handmade gift? have you tried embroidering on knits before? what's on your needles? i'd love to hear about it!


  1. So cute Rebecca! I love the flowers :)

  2. Lovely! I especially like the flowers and the wide sleeves.

    My go-to baby pattern is the cobblestone baby vest still. It's fun to knit, I get to use buttons, and it's gender-neutral.

    I hope you get your machine back soon!

  3. Hey! I've made that sweater before :) It is easy and fast and while I don't mind the seaming I hate the bulk of it on small garments...which is why I usually stick to top-down raglans for baby stuff...okay for most stuff ;)

    Your seams don't look super bulky...you'll have to share with us all how you seam without the bulk!

  4. thanks everyone! amy - i love the cobblestone baby vest. such a charming pattern.
    buffy - i use the mattress stitch to seam up.. i'll maybe do a little post on it sometime. thanks for the tip!
    jane - love the flowers too. great advice!

    it looks like a 2 week wait for my machine to be fixed. but luckily they're loaning me one to tide me over. yay! so my sewing project won't be neglected ;)


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