back at 'er! ... sort of...

we had a lovely long weekend! how did you enjoy yours?  i honestly wish it were still the weekend.... as the start of the week has begun a little rough for me.... and i'll get to that in a bit...
but first... how about the meal plan for the week? here's what we're having!

sooo happy we're looking at comfort food this week! haha. it sure helps with dealing with stress. :) i've decided to list the meals a little differently this week... this way i am not having to make these meals on specific days. we can just see how we feel throughout the week, and pick from the list. it's all been shopped for.

my weekend was wonderful. it was full of crafting! friday started out with a 7hr playdate! the kids just wanted to keep playing, and we had the blanket and a cooler full of snacks... so a lot of knitting was accomplished! perfect! then saturday, i started the crochet class! everyone is enjoying it. i rushed home from the class, made dinner, then i was out again for knit night!

yessssss. then sunday, the girls and i got together for a sewing meetup!

Source: flickr.com via Shelby on Pinterest

oh yes. we're hardcore! i had such a wonderful time! the group is made up essentially of our knit night girls. lol. but that will change.. we are planning on meeting once a month. i have the most minimal sewing experience, and i'm really enjoying the opportunity to learn new tips and tricks! you'll meet my first project soon!! first i have to figure out what i did with the silly machine to make it not want to finish the project. grrrrrr!!!!! hopefully that will be remedied by this evening though. :) hence the rough start to the week :) but i've got goodies to share with you this week! i've gotten a lot accomplished this weekend, and it's a good feeling!  didn't i say the crazy knitting season has begun? yup. it sure has.

how was your weekend? did you get any crafting done? have you been meal planning? i'd love to know how you're doing! leave me a note, 'cause i'm sure in the mood to chat today :) maybe then my sewing machine will behave...


  1. OMG whos quilt is hanging in the background?? What pattern/s are used? LOVE IT!

  2. haha i wish i knew! this isn't a pic i took. wouldn't this place be amazing to sew in!?! crazy. LOVE the quilt too!!!


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