the season of crazy knitting has begun.....

you'd think i would have learned from my mistakes... at least a little quicker than i have.. but every year, i get soo stressed out with christmas gifts because i leave it until like.. november. and i make myself send hand made gifts to everyone. most of my family lives several provinces away, so that means having to mail out gifts only a few weeks after deciding to make them... eeks! so this year this year is going to be different!... i hope!

though i'm not really making plans quite yet to start my christmas gifts (sorry fam.. i bet i got you all excited there).. plans are in the works! i'm planning on selling at a christmas market this year. as it's the first market experience for me, i'm excited! so i've decided to be smart about this... (as much as i can be.haha) at this market, i believe i need to show the board members what i want to sell by october! as it's practically august... it's time to get knitting.
so i started up a list of what i would like to sell, and guess what? the lovely jane richmond is a-okaying things i knit from her patterns! woot woot!!!  i love her patterns, and i'm so excited to be immersing myself in them this summer :)
there will be a few others, but i've picked out a lot of jane's stuff ;) cause well, i can't help it! eeks!!!!

along with market planning, there are many many baby gifts to be working on. ... one of which i can show you soon! as well as etsy orders. (yay for them!) and my classes. i love it!

i always knew i would never ever escape wool. i don't want to! so i'm in the right business i suppose ;)

it's a long weekend this weekend, and the weather is fine! so happy that my projects are portable :)

what are you up to this weekend? fitting in any knitting time in with camping? are you also one of the knitters who are stepping into crazy knitting season a little early too? i'd love to hear what you're working on! please share! have a lovely weekend!

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