matchy matchy!

you guys remember this little cutie, right?

i still think about her a lot.... but she might be a little bit lonely, being the only creative lamp (that is if i owned her) in my home.... well i found this little gal a friend ;) this is just in my pretend world of owning such creative objects, mind you. .... what? what's wrong with pretending? and finding friends for my coveted goods? wh-aaat?!

so pretty! yes they would make great friends!! don't you think so? so i really want, no... i need these lamps in my home....  i can't focus on much else this moment... so it's what i'm telling you about today :)

how is your day going so far? finding any amazing must haves? didn't i say it was chrsitmas in july? what wonderful pressies these would make! do you love these little lamps as much as i do?

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