happiness is...

a while back ago i entered a giveaway. i enter them a lot.. but i never win... until now!! nope, i didn't win the entire bucket full, but i did get about 5 skeins worth!! this is the plucky knitter's "tangled mess"... her words ;)
here's my haul....

i do consider myself to be a lucky girl! and really... it's not that tangled... it's lovely!  trying to decide what i'm going to knit with it, is even more exciting! what do you think? any ideas?? i've never had the pleasure of working with this yarn, and i gotta tell ya... this makes me happy :)

happiness is....
that today is friday!!! owen has really missed his daddy this week, and well i have too! and it's a special weekend for us. it's our anniversary. we'll be celebrating 7 years together. and that makes me happy :)

the week was a full one, and i'm happy to see the weekend here! i don't think we have any big plans per say for our anniversary... just being together will be nice. we haven't been able to be together for all of our anniversaries (just with his work schedule), so this is special to us. september sure has flown by though! can you believe we're into october now?! crazy. and the festivities begin. here in canada we'll be planning for our thanksgiving in just 2 weeks! my tummy is already grumbling for it. haha

how was your week? you guys have been quiet this week! come chat :) i've missed you! i'd love to hear what you've been up to, and how you're doing! xo


  1. Oh my word I love the yarn!! What a lucky win! That reminds me of Shannon a few weeks ago Arika and I ended up de-tangling and winding her skeins for her!

    I love that you finally get to celebrate a proper anniversary! Way to get married seven years ago! CONGRATS!

  2. thanks! yep, i'm hoping to learn how you do that magic center pull wind :) are you coming to knit night this week? :)

  3. congrats on the yarn win. I'm jealous! I hope you have a very wonderful anniversary, even if it is just quiet time at home.

  4. Oh wow! What loot! I can't wait to see what you make with all that great stuff. Congrats on your anniversary.

  5. thanks! i have no idea what these skeins will become yet... any ideas? :)

  6. Happy Early Anniversary! Yay! I love anniversaries…honestly if we could afford it I'd celebrate our monthly anniversary every month…let me see we would have just celebrated our 117th month anniversary of being married yesterday and our 127th month of dating earlier in the month. CRAZY!!!

    I think you should make a Cedar Leaf Shawlette with the blue yarn…it'd be delightful and maybe a really fun slouchy hat with the brown…but then maybe you're like me and can only wear beanies…

    Have a delightful weekend!


  7. hahaha buffy! only you would figure out the months ;) that's hilarious! i'll check out those patterns! thanks so much for the tips! xo

  8. Oh wow! I had entered that contest too! I never win anything either. It's so awesome that you won! I've never knit with Plucky before either, but do have a few skeins to make a cardigan with. Can't wait to see what you make with your skeins! :)


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