wake up!

i know i said i felt refreshed after the weekend... but the truth is... i'm beat! haha. in a good way though, of course :) let's pour another cup of coffee.....

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i'm looking at my knitting calendar, and i'm honestly beginning to think that my little man should be in full time care from now until christmas so that i can get all of the knitting done! yikes! of course, that won't happen... so i'll have to work around that... :)  i think i'll start with inspirational photos to keep me going...

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my tip to myself.. just a little bit at a time. goals for specific projects.. to be done in a reasonable and realistic time frame... and basically to keep knitting!

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of course, i'm really wanting to be working on gifts, and some selfish stitching too... hrmmm i wonder if there is a way to extend the hours in a day. i know i like to call myself a superhero knitter... but that might be stretching my limits. haha. and if you might have an inkling on how to do this, please... send this amazing discovery my way too!

tell me i'm not the only one who feels this way pullleeeeze! but it's all good. i firmly believe i work better under pressure. and it's true! i've got some finished knitting here!

this is a cowl that i am donating as a door prize for an event hosted by the willow stream spa at the fairmont empress here in victoria. this is in support of the CIBC run for the cure  you can find more info on this event here..  pretty, hey?
here are the deets:
pattern: marian by: jane richmond
yarn: lion brand wool ease thick & quick
needle: 15.0mm
those needles are big puppies! loved how fast this knit up, and really how lovely it turned out.

i am also entering this cowl in the celebrate color event hosted here. this is my second entry for this fab three month event! my first entry is the rae scarf (another amazing pattern by jane richmond), and you can check my entry out here.

Celebrate Color

yep i've been a busy bee!

what do you have currently on your needles? have you entered in the celebrate color event? what did you enter? i'd love to hear about it! are you a big fan of jane richmond designs? what's your fav. pattern? i'd love to chat! it's perfect knitting & chatting weather. xo


  1. Hey Ms. Nook - great cowl, it looks all lovely and nubbly and warm.

  2. thanks!!! these are soooo super warm! i just love how squishy they are. jane richmond has done a great job with this pattern, i'd say ;)
    and congrats to you for being a finalist in celebrate color! i loove your pillow!


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