etsy feature!

it's been a little while since i've done an etsy feature, so i'm gonna do it today. today i want to chat about the chunky jester baby hat. it's squishy and warm and cute!

the pom poms are just so fluffy and soft! and i'm really a sucker for pom poms. hee hee...

this little topper is perfect as a photo prop, as well as for practical wear. knit with loops and threads country loom with a 6.5mm needle, this hat is super soft, and full of beautiful flecks of colour.

this pattern is from angie hartly's 4asong. she's got some wonderful patterns on her etsy shop. be sure to check it out!

yep these are pretty cute! and they make great christmas gifts! have you started your list yet?
check out more in my shop here. i'm always open for custom orders, and if you have any questions, feel free to either convo me at my esty shop, or email me. and of course, you can always find me here!

are you planning your christmas lists? have you gotten a head start on your shopping list? make sure you check out etsy, as it's chalked full of wonderful artisans who have many, many talents! stay tuned for more exciting info! i've got more to share with you this week! as always, i love hearing from you! come chat. xo

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