this past weekend we...

:: did some bike riding
:: drank in all of the family time that we could
:: went to many parks
:: had wonderful weather for the little man's first soccer game! he was oh so excited!
:: enjoyed some birthday celebrations!

it was a whirlwind of a weekend, but it was a really good weekend. my sailor man came home for a couple of days, and we filled it full of family time, and birthday celebrations! i even managed to pull off my first cheesecake!

i am pretty proud of it, actually. haha. as i made up some of the recipe, but it didn't crack or sink! thanks to much help of friends online...i call that a success... and it tasted good. in fact, i have a lot of leftovers.. that might be a problem.* ahem *...
and now we're back to the grind, as it were. we brought les back to work this morning, and are cozying up inside for the day. we're under some pretty big wind warnings, and a lot of rain. it's a good day for popcorn and movies... maybe a little cheesecake? ... and a little comfort baking, i think.

how was your weekend? did you enjoy some much needed rest and rejuvenation? any crafting accomplished? i'd love to hear about your weekend, and i'm here to chat. xo


  1. What a great weekend!! Love the Timbits uniform, wish they had something cute like that here in Perth!!!

  2. Stacey - what kind of uniforms to they have for the kiddos in Perth?

  3. Cute kid. Delicious-looking cheesecake. Perfect!

  4. thanks suburban sweetheart! i am pretty proud of that cheesecake. hahah. with it being the very first one, and didn't even crack or sink! hrmmm maybe i should post the recipe? ;)


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