a warm weekend welcome!

it's been a long, yet fast two weeks without the hubs home.. and he'll be home for the weekend! yeah, only the weekend, but i'm sure looking forward to some rest and relaxation!

for real. i'm beat! we've been packing our days full and i am looking forward to a rest. well sort of. we kind of have a busy weekend too :) classes start up! (woot woot!) and the little man has his first soccer game! he is soooo excited about it and i'm sad to miss it, but i'm sure the hubs will document it well.

and then i'm excited to be going to knit night on saturday! ohh how i missed it last week! i really need my knit night girls. it's just amazing how wonderful and refreshed i feel after spending a few hours with them, including coffee and yarn. oh bliss. :)

as for right now, i'm busy preparing the home to have a late bday celebration (as the hubs was away last weekend and we couldn't celebrate his day with him) and get all of the weekend chores out of the way so we can have strictly a fun, family filled weekend...

what are you most looking forward to this weekend? do you have any special plans? i know it's just a little post today, but i'd still love to chat with you! what's on your needles? xo


  1. YAY!
    My sailorman left this morning for two weeks at sea, so hopefully my weeks seem to pass as quickly as yours did!
    Hopefully there will be room for rest and relaxation on oth of our parts while seperated - especially since I will be "confined" to Sooke without a vehicle (the bus downtown takes about 2 hours, so sure does localize life a little bit!).

    Hope you have a beautiful weekend Rebecca :)

  2. oh yikes! no vehicle for the 2 weeks? not fun :( how long does it take to get into langford? we could plan a knitting evening ;)
    here's hoping you get lots of crafty things done! and have a lovely weekend. xx

  3. i'm looking forward to knit night (with you) and to sewing my brain out on sunday :) bliss.

  4. me too shannon! here's cheers-ing to a rejuvenating weekend. xo

  5. Glad your man is back home. I will be leaving my two darling daughter with my hubs Saturday afternoon to go to a Quilt Show (all by myself without two toddlers? yay!). I am also in the middle of knitting another hooded infinity scarf. Still loving the yarn I chose so it is all good. Enjoy your Knit Night!

  6. yep, i'm pretty happy for him to be home this weekend :) lucky you going to a quilt show!! and no kiddos in tow? what are you going to do? you'll be able to hear yourself think! haha can't wait to hear about it! you'll have to post pics of both your experience at the quilt show, and your infinity scarf :)
    question... are your girls twins? my hubs is a twin (unknown!) and my little man is asking for many many siblings now. hahaah


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