meal planning by the ocean...sort of

i wanted to have my meal plan completely set up for you this week, but it seemed that going to the beach was much more fun :) the summer weather finally kicked in here, so we had to enjoy it.

it really was a beautiful day! owen just likes wearing sweaters. he's cool that way. there's just something about the sound of the waves rolling in. it was so relaxing! and so very nice to get some little family time in.

 of course i got some knitting done, and i'll show it to you later this week. i promise ;)
but back to the meal planning... i did get it mostly figured out, so i'll share it with ya, though we seemed to have forgotten some ingredients during the grocery trip, so one or two of these meals may not be what we actually make... i'll let you guess which ones might not make the cut this week..


it's a tad blurry, i apologize. my little man was insistent that i take a picture of his army man balancing on top of a tank. i got a little sidetracked :)

so i'm off to bake some bread today, as well as some rolls so we can make our own little garlic cheezy buns to go with spaghetti tonight. yummmm. i get my recipe for the rolls from more with less. it is one of my go-to cookbooks, and has been for years.

this is no new cookbook, that's for sure. it's stood the test of time. when i lived in germany, i leafed through these pages every day, and i was never disappointed. if you get a chance, you should take a peek at it!

did you have a good weekend? how is your week looking so far? are you off to an organized start? what is on your family's menu this week? grab a coffee and let's chat menu options! there can never be too many ideas to share.

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