bread, the park, and a tiny bit of knitting....

oh goodness.... sometimes trying to get lots of crafting done is hard. today was one of those days... but even though it started out a little on the dull side, it got better. lots better. always when i feel stressed a good bread baking helps to work out some frustrations...

and the result is usually satisfying in more ways than one... i absolutely love how a few simple ingredients can create such lovely smelling and nourishing bread. especially when i'm feeling a lack of creativity, and this does the trick.

this is just before the bread went in the oven . I use the tassajara bread book by edward espe brown. i love love it. these loaves are from the tassajara yeasted bread recipe, and i make this weekly. (at least)
once this was done, i felt a little more ready to tackle the ever difficult task of crafting while spending time with my little man. i often feel guilty that i don't spend enough time with him, especially when i have deadlines to meet in creating samples or patterns written for upcoming classes. so today's "technique" of multi-tasking was one i've used many times, and will continue to use as long as my projects remain portable... and as long as the skies are this blue!

i like this park because from the bench where i sit, i can see everywhere owen would be playing... and it's often quiet and peaceful. i've just cast on here for a sweater that i'll be teaching next month. bulky yarn in spring, i know.. but hey.. what can i say, i love sweaters. besides this one will have short sleeves, so it works. right? :) i think i'll enjoy knitting this one up. details on the project when more of the sweater is knit up.
while we were at the park, i had another sweater blocking at home. this one is another sample, that needed to be done in time for easter.

almost done... cute, hey? it still needs adorable flowers, and just the right buttons. but back to the park...
because that was the whole point of the outing, right? to play yes... not to knit... goodness, i seem to have done enough of that as far as owen was concerned.
besides, how can i say no to this face?

haha! so yes. i went and i played. such fun! and the knitting?? well, it's always there waiting for me, and it's never far... so this was productivity for me today!

....every row counts. :)

how do you mamas juggle crafting and play time or kiddie time? let me know, i'd love to swap ideas!

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