i'm blogging!

weeeee! and i have to say i'm pretty excited to be sharing this space with you :)

from what i've been gathering it's been a long winter for a lot of us.... yes, even those of us spoiled on beautiful vancouver island :) so it's time for new beginnings and fresh starts... and trying new things :)

the drop spindle is very new to me. (ahem... excuse the wrinkly background..) I need to take a class still, but i'm looking forward to learning this new side of knitting! :) i have already decided on what i'll knit with that gorgeous skein of marks & kattens fame trend. the hubs actually spotted that skein and pointed it out to me. he has such a good eye...
lots of exciting things coming up in the spring, and i'm so glad i now have a space to share it all with you! everything on the blog will be updated shortly, including the shop and class info, so please check back again soon!

how are you celebrating the beginning of spring?

1 comment:

  1. That bed jumpin' photo is hilarious! Glad to see the blog is up. It looks great and I'll be checking in regularly. Yay!


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