for the past week at least i haven't been able to get this pattern out of my mind... look! isn't it purty???

it's not all that fancy or anything.. but i love love the simplicity of it. almost everyone who has knitted up this beauty has loved the outcome. that's a great sign! this dress has been designed by Veera Välimäki.
i love veera's patterns. i've only knit one of her patterns before, the fisherman's pullover, found here . if you have never heard of ravelry, you must join! it's such a great community of knitters and crocheters. there is a wealth of knowledge to be found there and more patterns than you can possibly dream of!!
but this dress. sigh...

i mean really!!!

the detail is minimal, but effective for me. the needle required is fairly small, and the yarn is pretty fine too... indeed, this is a lot of stitches... but oh so pretty! it would be perfect, just perfect for spring... don't you think so?
i know i can certainly imagine myself in this pretty frock, in a field full of flowers. :)

i've done a lot of knitting... a lot.. and then some.. haha, and i'm surprised to say i've never knit a dress before! well for me sized anyways... i've knit with alpaca before, but not often.. such a lovely yarn! of course i have a rather *ahem* voluptuous yarn stash, but i don't have the perfect yarn for this dress... and so shopping must be done. hee hee...
here is the desired yarn:

isn't it lovely??
although it's considered to be a sport weight yarn, many who have knit with this would consider this more of a lace weight yarn... yes, this dress would be a little time consuming, but oh so worth it.. i think. but what colour should i knit it in? ooohhh that's a tough one.
now to find the time... hrmmm.... my fingers are crossed!

what is your dream knit for spring?


  1. There are incredible colours available in this yarn! I have a purply/navy blend and a green/yellow blend. That dress would be amazing on you!


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