sometimes it's just the little things....

.... that make the big difference to make me smile :) i heart this little candle cozy, and i am pretty sure i'll be needing to make lots of them. we've been hit by a nasty cold in this family... boo... no fun, so some comfort is needed, and this little guy is making me feel better already :) i mean, how cute!

last saturday i went to a knit night. ohmygoodness, it was sooo fun! just a bunch of us girlies all hanging out in a local cafe, with live music, shooting the breeze :) of course, a few of us managed to get a little knitting in :) i loved it! i definitely don't do enough of that, and can't wait to do more of it.
we actually shut the place down! we're die hard's.. party animals, that's what we are! haha.

all in all it was a wonderful night. here's to many more!

do you get a chance to get out for knit nights? i'd love to hear about it!

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