crafty progress

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i've been running my bum trying to get store samples finished, my shop stocked for the grand opening, and preparing for the next sweater class i'll be teaching. i'm pooped :) but happy to report progress!!!
meet the easter baby cardi :)

so cute! the flowers just say easter, don't you think so? this is knit with sirdar snuggly baby bamboo, and it's lovely to knit with. so soft.

also, a peek at the sweater i'll be teaching soon...

just look at all of that cable goodness! knit with james c brett marble chunky. for an acrylic yarn, this stuff sure is spongy and soft!

and last, but not least, i finally finished a sweater for a friend of mine :)

 i actually had finished it quite some time ago, but you could say i just decided to do a better job ;)

this sweater pattern is actually one of jane richmond's. it's called the oatmeal pullover.  i love her. she is one talented designer! rosanne requested shorter sleeves, and though it looks rather long in the torso, this fits her just beautifully! i was happy to finally give this to her today.

apart from knitting like a mad woman the past few days, i've been trying to get out there to enjoy some of this sunshine :) did you see those skies? so so nice that spring is here!

the knitting is definitely up to a great start this spring :)

what kinds of crafting have you been up to? i'd love to hear about it!


  1. The sweater looks fab! And you know how I feel about Jane -luv. Buttons up too :)

  2. thanks so much!! you're the best xo

  3. The baby cardi is finished so nicely! Great choice on the purple flowers with the green yarn. VERY Eastery!


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