hurrah it's friday!!!

i'm not usually one to be super excited about a weekend, but this weekend, i am. :) it hasn't been a bad week at all, just a little more trying than usual.
the hubs has been away at sea for the week, so my days have "seemed" a tad longer... it's all good though :) we've had some memorable moments...

haha! this is just actually one of his faces he randomly pulls even when he's not all that upset, but definitely when he is. don't worry, we still had fun. :)

with a long week, you gotta make sure you get some baking in though. so cookies seemed like the best idea.
and i couldn't have done it without my little helper.

he really is oh so careful when measuring... love it! but it's not easy wrangling your little one while keeping your house in order, food on the table and somehow still look like everything is under control.  meh. well we survived. 
and i have er had cookies to show for it ;)

..oatmeal raisin cookies don't last long here... tooo good. !

and i'm uber happy to have my man home, even if only for the weekend. i'm so excited! we might even get a real actual date in! hang on folks, that means dressing up. !!!! 

ahem... yeah, it's been a while.  :)

how is your weekend looking? what are you up to? any fun things planned?

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