unlimited coffee supply please....

it's an overcast day today, and a little bit cool. i love these days usually for knitted related reasons... they're cozy, snuggly days, yes? movies, popcorn, cuddles with the littles.... playdough, knitting, big pillows, and blankets... mmmmMMMmmm... but my 3 year old has other plans. haha. rest mommy? no no no, let's play!

 i don't know where he gets his energy from... (i think i remember hearing my parents talk like that about me when i was little)... but i'd sure like to bottle some up and have some for myself...

his fave indoor game though... is his army camp. it was just me and my two sisters growing up, so boy toys are a little newer for me. there is surprisingly a lot of planning involved in the whole setting up of it all :)

many an hour have been spent on these little guys. and now that he's got a homemade map from daddy... there are many many more hours to be had...

goodness has he ever been impressed with this map! he loves it so. oftentimes, he keeps these guys on opposite teams, but there are times when they fight some big scary robot together.  but with all of the time it takes in setting up the battle, it sure doesn't take him long to destroy ... er ... have the battle.. :)
...the aftermath :)

oh i want to play i really do! but first i need coffee. lots and lots... and lots of coffee.

how is your week going? are you full of energy or are you needing what seems like an entire pot of coffee to get you started today?  i'd love to chat! today the coffee is unlimited.


  1. Well I'm drinking the coffee out of want today and not need...I went to be uber early last night so I'm fairly refreshed (not to worry, I'll be back to late night crafting again).

    I'm with you on knitting with overcast weather...it is sublimely perfect!

  2. i managed to get a good night's sleep last night, so i'm feeling much better today! :) how are your late night crafting sessions coming along?

  3. I haven't had one since Sunday night...the sleepy's are getting to me. Not sure if I will tonight since it is the husband's birthday...but maybe I've got things to finish before I leave on Friday...


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