Maybe it's the fact that I'm getting older, maybe it's missing OMA so much, but this Remembrance Day I really wanted to do more. My Oma was one of the first people to teach me to knit, and she was so very supportive of my work. Whenever I knit, I often find myself thinking of her.

It started out as a little project for Owen and I to have a knitted poppy. As soon as I posted a picture though, things got a bit crazy. I was getting flooded with requests for poppies. How amazing! I decided I would take donations for the poppies, and I quickly had to put a cap on the orders. I could only get so much done before the 11th! (I had less than a week since I first posted the picture).

I am excited to say that almost 50 poppies later, $206 CAD was collected in donations. All proceeds have been sent to the Royal Canadian Legion.  This may be the start of something so lovely.
I plan to get a head start on poppy making for next year, so please, for those of you who didn't get one this year, next year I'll be more prepared.

Thank you so much for your donations, and your support. I am pleased to see that Remembrance Day is becoming more recognized, and the turnout is getting larger every year. My family is from Holland. The details Oma gave me during her last visit out here were so real, and raw. I am so thankful that throughout such hardships, my family remained so strong. I hope I can be brave, like Oma.



  1. Way to go Rebecca!! That's so awesome that you raised that much to donate!! You have such a big heart, I hope you do even better next year! ♥

    1. Thanks Melissa! I feel like I should get started on the poppies already for this next year! xo


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