I'm waving at you!

When I've been especially quiet in this space, I think it's just assumed I'm buried in yarn. And to be truthful, that's what's going on :)

I can not believe that November is already upon us! October saw just shy of 70 FO's just for work knitting! Though it's not my record, it's still definitely a busy month! I also had some customs, and a sample go on the needles as well...

And if that weren't enough to take on, I ended up deciding to do a Market! Owen's school is putting on it's first annual Holiday Market, and I'm doing a booth! Owen will be helping me, of course. He is beyond excited as he'll be finger knitting, and selling his necklaces. :) I'm so proud of him! There will be another post about this market soon enough. xo

Please believe me, I think of spending more time in this space often. But as most of you are also crafters, I'm sure you understand the chaos of this season of ours. Holiday knitting is upon us!

I think also that this year has been harder for me to post more frequently as my husband has been away since the summer. He's been gone on course, and we won't see him home until just before Christmas. It makes for busy, and long days for me.

I also have a few selfish knits on the needles as well! Sadly socktober only gave me 1 sock. Not even a pair! haha But hopefully soon I'll see more socks in my sock drawer.

Tell me, what holiday knits do you have planned? Will you treat yourself and make sure you have a new handknit to wear? I'd love to hear from you! xo


  1. 70 FOs! Oh my - I've barely completed one! Very impressive :)

    1. It really is an insane amount of knitting. lol! but of course I wouldn't change it. I love it.


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