Denise 2 Go Knitting Set - A review

I'm a fan of purses, or bags. Big ones.. Because I like to tote a lot of things around with me. This usually includes my kindle, wallet, knitting (several projects sometimes), phone, keys, snacks, extra snacks for my ever growing almost 8 year old, a water bottle... you get the picture... 

Sometimes I manage to throw in the tablet or a book for my little man too! When we head out, we try to be prepared.. And of course, that means I stuff my bag to the brim. Who's with me? Yeah, I bet many of you are... 
So when I hear of something compact, and incredibly functional, I'm ALL ears!

Introducing this amazing, and seriously cute,  Denise 2 Go knitting set! 

Yah. uber cute, hey? Guys, it fits in the palm of your hand! Having something so compact, and portable, and totally functional to just pop in my bag is perfection!  Not to mention perfect for those flights! Yah, this works in my life so perfectly! 

YarnCanada.ca has 3 sets. A small set (which is the one that I am reviewing), a medium set, and a crochet set! And they all come in a beautiful hand-sewn cotton case. 

This small set comes with six pairs of knitting needles ranging from sizes US5/3.75mm to US10/6mm. There are 3 cords sized 14", 16" & 19" (36, 41 & 48 cm). 
These are so easy to adjust. With a twist and a click, your needle is firmly attached! 

The set doesn't stop there though! Included also are 2 end buttons to turn any cord into a stitch holder (that's thinking on your feet!) or to use as an end cap to create a straight flexible needle.  There's even an extender for cord to cord connections so if you need a cable longer than what's provided, just add the extender, and presto!  Let's not forget the handy crochet hook for picking up dropped stitches. Yes, they've thought of everything. 

I really love it! Normally I knit with metal needles, and I can tell you that the tips never snagged while I was knitting. I loved that. Also, my mind would be put to ease in just carrying this handy 2 go set on an airplane.  The cables take a tiny bit of coaxing but really are fairly pliable. 

I really think this is one of the most adorable sets! 

The shipping is also crazy affordable, heck this item qualifies for free shipping! And in Canada that's a big deal. :) 

You can find the full selection of Denise knitting & crochet sets HERE

They'd make great gifts for any knitter or crocheter! xo

*disclosure - I received a set of needles in exchange for a review, and received no monetary compensation. The opinions I've written are my own. *


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