Fall inspires me :)

Suddenly the end of September is here, and we are just about to leap into October. This is definitely one of my favorite months for many reasons, but really I just get excited and giddy every time I see the calendar flip over to the October month. :)

I'm certain I'm not alone. School is now fully in session, and the routine thing feels a bit more like a routine. So now I get to knit feverishly because the brisk mornings, the crisp walks, the toasty warm drinks all tell me to.

Fall is such a beautiful season! I used to live in Ontario where this particular season really just takes your breath away. The bright maples really like to put on a show.

Of course this means that I'm diving into my beloved stash and getting excited about knitting all the things! A little while ago I promised myself to be more diligent in knitting more for ME. I absolutely enjoy knitting for work, and commissions, and gifts, don't get me wrong! But I've been lacking in allowing myself to be pampered with my hand knits. I love my stash of yarn too so I think it's about time that I really start appreciating it and showing it some love by knitting myself stuff from it. ;)

I currently have three WIPS on the go for me. yes!! 3!!!! can you believe it?  One of them has been on the needles for quite some time now. This is line break, by veera.

I had knit one in a lovely grey, and I ended up swapping for a shawl that my sister had knit. Now I want one for me! The colorway I've chosen is purple basil in madelinetosh tosh merino light. In this version I'm knitting with a 3.25mm/US 3 needle. Just a tad bigger than the shawl I knit in grey.
I'm really loving the outcome of it so far. And the color! oh man. I'm LOVING it! It' so rich and deep.

I am also planning on using up the entire 2 skeins, and then maybe I'll do the edge in the leftover grey. I'm still thinking on it. So it will also be bigger than the grey.

Once this shawl is complete, I'll be casting on the yarn that was in the first picture. It's miss babs tarte. The colur is Reihi and it's a babette.

I had knit my Oma a shawl when she was out here visiting a few months back. She had fallen in love with vareigated yarns, which were still so new to her. So I let her pick from my stash. I was so pleased when she chose the tarte in the berlin colorway. I chose the pattern 22.5 degrees. And I think it was a perfect match. You can read more about that shawl here.

I miss Oma terribly, and I'm so glad we had the chance to spend quality time together when we did. She will always hold such a special place in my heart. And so I think I'll knit another "Oma shawl" in memory of her.  xo

Are you excited by the fall weather? What's on your needles? xo


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