Lady Lady Lady.... bat.

Something that I've been trying hard to do lately is to make "me" knitting a priority. I'm not complaining that I haven't been able to do that as much, but I am making myself more aware of the importance of selfish knitting.

So I knit up Lady Bat by Teresa Gregorio. Guys. I am so pleased with the results of this one! It's a very flattering sweater, and it has such an interesting construction!

This actually knit up pretty quickly. The lace pattern is very easy to work, and allows for a lovely drape.

I used Knit Picks Shine Sport in Wisteria. I barely knit into the 8th skein on the XS size. This sweater has huge drape and is uber generous in size. So I'd definitely suggest going down a size or two. I am also a pretty loose knitter, so I used a 3.5mm/US 4 for this project.

Can we talk about the construction? You actually start on one sleeve then split for the body. You knit the front and then the back, then join to knit the other sleeve! It's genius! So fun! This definitely makes the whole project interesting.

It's important to remember which row you were on when you ended the body (on both the front and back) so that when you join together to knit the other sleeve, everything will be seamless. That's easy though.

hahah! excuse the bedroom selfie. ;)

This is a sweater you can throw on with leggings, or jeans.. even a pair of cut offs would look cute with it! You could also dress it up. It's going to be such a staple, I know it.

I added a tad more ribbing at the bottom, just because I prefer the look of it. The only other thing I *might* do is make the neck opening just a tad smaller, so that it won't slip off my shoulders. It seems ok right now, but I wonder if the more I wear it, the more it might relax into a larger opening, We'll see though. That would be an easy fix as well.

I've gotten so many compliments on this one! Such a fun knit. I highly suggest you try this one out. xo I do have a shawl on the needles right now, but I'm considering another pair of socks, and another sweater... what about you? What's on your needles? xo


  1. Fun! Found your blog today via My Sisters Knitter. A great sweater!

    1. I'm so happy you've found this space! Welcome! xo

  2. That looks great! I saw Julie (of Knitted Bliss) knit this last year and it's been on my to-knit list since! :D

    1. I love her version! It's so elegant on her, hey? xo


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