Back to the grind :)

Goodness, how is it halfway through September already!?

This of course makes me pretty happy, as it's one of my favorite times of the year. I love the crisp fall air, the leaves turning color. Mugs of hot cider... and the KNITTING!
The knitters are getting into an excited frenzy, and I love it!

So I'm kicking off (hee hee) the fall season with a pair of socks for me!!

This is yet another pair of Climb Socks. Pattern by Jane Richmond.
This time, I've decided to figure out my own striping sequence! And let me tell you, that was fun! It also made the knit fly by faster than normal... which is pretty fast, as these might be the quickest pair of socks to knit.

Yarn:  Knit picks stroll solids in peapod & agate heather. 
Needle: size 2.5mm/US1.5  (I use circulars, and magic loop all the way)

I am always surprised at the amount of yardage in the knit picks skeins. I used a total of 130 yds of the peapod, and 176 yds of the agate heather. So not even two full skeins! And in my opinion, these socks are not exactly short either.

One thing I really like about this pattern is also the fact that you can do so much with color. I suppose a lot of sock patterns allow for this, but the pattern itself is so minimal, that your thoughts can easily turn to playing with color. Because you are using a needle larger than usual for other sock patterns, and your total stitch circumference is smaller, these socks knit up like the wind!

I am looking forward to  my next pair already.. (I've already knit 3 pairs!) I'm thinking I might just grab blindly at the yarn for my next pair, and just see what comes up :)

Do you have a favorite color way for this pattern?

Tell me, what's on your needles right now? Is it gift knitting already? Are you pampering yourself with a hand knit before the real holiday knitting chaos sets in? I'd love to hear about it! xo


  1. All those socks look great! I'm so torn about what to work on, although I'm thinking I may start my holiday knitting soon!

    1. Thanks Rebekah! Good for you for starting your holiday knitting already! I also think it's a good idea to have something on the needles for yourself ;) xo

  2. I really love your socks. To answer a couple of your questions with one response:
    On my needles right now is a buttery yellow "Antler" sweater - a treat for me in between Christmas gift knitting.


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