welcome 2016!

There's good reason why my blogging has been very sporadic over 2015. It's been a tough year. We've struggled through infertility treatments, had a health scare, and my husband was away for over half of that year, with one course taking him away from us for 5 months. 

And so, blogging took a back burner. Which is fine. I need for this space to be a place I look forward to jotting down entries here and there, and not feel obligated to have something to say every day. 

That being said, the knitting has kept me busy. My little man is now not so little anymore, with just having his 8th birthday!! And I'm back to doing a more regular exercise routine, as I was doing back in the fall. 

Things are looking up for 2016, I'm sure! I have some FO's to share with you as soon as I can get some pictures taken. My husband is HOME! (for a little while at least) and we are really enjoying family time again. It's always an adjustment though, but we make a good team, and we're slowly finding our new normal. 

I wanted to take a moment to thank you, dear friends. Thank you for popping by this space and sharing in my little entries. I love the crafting world, and I've met so many fantastic people through knitting. Thanks for taking the time to get to know me, and for sharing in my obsessive er.. no passionate love for all things yarn. :) 

I hope to make it a bit more of a priority to knit with my stash (I really do love it), and to knit more selfishly... I have to mention though that I consider knitting for my family selfish too. hee hee... 

Thank you all for your support! For those of you who've hired me as a sample knitter, product knitter, or test knitter, and for those who have taken lessons, purchased product, or requested commissions.  Thank you so much for supporting my little business.  Here's to a fantastic 2016!! xo

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