welcome fall. xo

It has certainly been quiet here on the blog. The main reason behind that is time. As many of you may be aware, our province, British Columbia is in the midst of a teacher's strike. The strike actually began last June, and as a result, the kids have been out of school for a while... This will be the second week now of the kids missing school, and I am doing my best to home-school.

So though the fall hasn't really started as we anticipated, we're making the best of it, and learning from home means a bit more "outdoor" learning too!
While home-schooling, I'm preparing for the very busy fall and winter ahead. I really do love this time of year (in fact, I'm pretty sure I need to have my first pumpkin spice latte of the season this week), it is probably my favourite. The crispness of the mornings, the smells of apples, and spice.... Bundling up with my favourite hand knits....


Of course, this means that it's my busiest time of the year! What with work knitting, customs, knitting classes, and hopefully a winter market, it will be a wonder if I can knit for myself! But I probably will. Because who needs sleep anyway?

I have also registered for another half marathon. I enjoyed the experience of the seawheeze so much, that I thought I'd try it again! This time the race is over thanksgiving weekend (the Canadian one, so second week in october), and I really think I'll more enjoy running in this type of weather.

Usually by this time of the year I'm chatting away about Knit City. Although this year, I won't be attending. It's ok though, I have a fantastic reason... it's hubby's and my 10th wedding anniversary! There will be more knit city's, but this year I'm thinking we might be sneaking away for a couple of nights. :) --- I promise to let you know what we do. :)

So thank you for being patient with me, while I figure out this whole balance thing. I honestly wish I had 72hrs in my day. In the meantime though, I know that this space is waiting for me whenever I can come by.

How are you? Any fall knitterly plans? Are you preparing for the holiday season yet? Are you in the same situation here, with trying to balance home-school while the teacher's are on strike? Have YOU had a pumpkin spice latte yet? Come chat! I've missed you, and I think a good sit down, with knitting needles in hand, is due. xo


  1. Gonna miss you at Knit City :( But you'll have a fab time with the hubby and it's not like you don't have friends who won't pick you up goodies if you need them to ;)

    1. xoxo isn't that the truth! I'm one lucky girl to have friends like i do <3 thanks chantel! I'll miss you too! but I'm sure I'll hear all about it!


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