You guys. Seriously. I'm in love.

This is definitely one of my favourite custom knits to date. Mostly because I immediately feel like I need to cast on for another right away, for me.

So let's start with the yarn. Ohmygoodness the yarn. I used madelinetosh 80/10/10 worsted, in fog.
I had actually never knew that madtosh carried the 80/10/10 worsted, and it surely didn't disappoint. It's such a squishy, full yarn, with so much bounce! I loved knitting with it! And I think the colour was perfect for this pattern.

Ok now to chat about the pattern..
This is Onward, by Shannon Cook.
The pattern is part of the collection JOURNEY that Shannon and Jane Richmond created.
This is honestly one of those wrap-me-up cozy shawls that everybody has to own.  I love it! The pattern is really enjoyable and always keeps the interest there. I love that she provided stitch count checks (the chart on the following page) just to ensure you were on the right track and hadn't effed it up anywhere. It also helped to keep track very quickly where I was in the pattern when I had to set it down for the week.

It really was a very straightforward knit. I only worked on it on the weekends, and it was done in 2 of them. Oh and I used a 4.5mm needle.

I really had a hard time popping this one in the mail. In fact I know that I'll be ordering more yarn to knit up another one for me in the very very near future.

Tell me, have you knit from this collection yet? Have you knit the onward shawl yet? Do tell, what yarn did you use? In what colour? Oh I feel like I need another one asap!


  1. Just lovely. How many skeins did you use? I love that pattern collection.

    1. Hi Christine! I only dipped I to the 5th skein for the last 60 sts of bind off. :) the whole collection is so very lovely, hey?


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