what the!?

wow . it seems i have dropped off of blog - world last week! ha. i was still a busy little knitter, just very little time for computer related things...
how is it JUNE already? can you tell me that? I honestly don't know how our days just fly by like this... maybe it means i'm getting old? le sigh.. at any rate... i wish it would slow down already!

even though my work schedule is starting to really pile up (the main reason for my not being able to post) i make sure to only do selfish knitting (or my gift knitting) on the weekends.... It's a break that i know i need to give myself, and a chance to knit with the yarns that i've been coveting... and that are so very patiently waiting for me to knit with... about 98% of what i knit leaves the house... it's not for me, and that's all fine.. but sometimes this girl right here needs a good selfish knit...

soo this weekend i finally cast on another pair of socks! though i'm trying to be diligent with the socks with sarah kal... i just don't allow myself to do any selfish knitting throughout the week (unless i have all my work done)... so in the spirit of this kal, i will still hope to have socks on the needles most of the time...
let me tell you, it felt great to cast on!

i'm knitting the diagonal lace socks.. and they are knitting up quickly, I must say.. though the numbers for the heel in the pattern don't seem to add up, (maybe it's just me though...) and so i've decided to just go with my tried and true gusset heel... still in the same book. i like that heel. and it fits me great.

the yarn i'm using is sweet georgia cashluxe fine in cayenne. i LOVE it. it's been a while since I"ve knit with sweet georgia... oh it's nice to be spoiling myself.

now i'm about to dive into another week of knitting, and running, and all of the household stuff that keeps us busy... i'd love to hear what you have planned for your week! there might be homemade pasta in my future... and knitting too, of course. ;) xo


  1. The color of your new sock project is gorgeous. Also, we all need a little selfish knitting time to stay sane. My plans for the week are... not to drown in school work? Hah. Also, my craft room has been neglected and needs some attention. I'm in the process of decorating / making it feel cozy.

  2. Oh those socks are going to be lovely - it seems like I have knit a lot for others recently, and I too am in the process of treating myself to some socks!
    Sweet Georgia Yarns are so lovely to work with, and the colours are amazing... :)


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