bring on the weekend.

this has been a busy week for us! heaps of knitting done, including the finishing of these socks!!!

aren't they pretty. they're for the "socks with sarah kal" though i have to admit, i'm pretty horrible at keeping to my word in this kal. i am supposed to be knitting on socks every day... that just isn't happening. i am happy that socks are eventually getting finished though! so even though it's taking me longer than probably everyone else, i have another pair!
i did my usual with these socks. 2.00mm needle, magic loop... and pattern taken from the gusset heel basic socks. by wendy d. johnson. see my rav notes here if you'd like.
i'm pretty happy with the result. and i have heaps left over. hmmm i'm thinking maybe a pair of baby legwarmers ?? that might be cute!!

as for this weekend, i couldn't be more ready for it. like i said, this has been a very busy week for us... and it's not over for my hubby.... he's got to go to sea tomorrow.... but only for a couple of days....i've been uber productive! so i say bring on the weekend!! i got myself a little treat... it's madtosh sock. in "twain" i've never knit with it before! kind of exciting! xo

i think it's time for some serious "me" knitting.... and probably some decent work on my mom's blanket. yesssss....

tell me, what are your weekend plans? are you participating in the socks with sarah kal? how are you making out? xo


  1. That yarn in the first photo is gorgeous!! And, can I just say, I love that the toes on that one do not match :)

  2. hahah yes. i've never been a stickler to have them match perfectly ;) and yah. i need to cast on that new yummy yarn SOON. i never ever wind a skein i JUSt purchase though... maybe this will be an exception? xo


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