baby baby

it seems that there are a lot of babies being born.... i'm just sayin'. ;)

so of course this means more gift knitting... and really there's nothing like a quick, satisfying baby knit! seriously. instant gratification!

this is a cute little toque and baby leg warmers set. the toque is based on this pattern... i've since decided i don't like huge gaps between colour changing, so i decided to stripe it. i rather love the effect! of course it's no surprise i have a thing for stripes :)

 i am still loving the 4x1 ribbing too. just a different look!
the legwarmers are by alana dakos. i've knit this pattern several times before... easy peasy, and fabulous results.

i so love this little set... and i know from past gifts of baby legwarmers to others, that these will fit babe for years to come. i love it!

do you have a quick go-to baby gift pattern? which is your fave? do you like to do a set? 


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