today is a holiday for us in canada. it's so nice to have the hubby home an extra day... and hopefully this means i'll get more work done! lol.  so hard though when such fantastic patterns keep popping up!

i'm specifically talking about sweet jane by amy miller. have you seen it? here...

photo from ravelry.

ok. now you've seen it! i love the shape of this sweater!! oh how i love it. the drape is just fantastic, and the sweater itself is nice and light... knit with fingering weight yarn though, it would take a wee bit of time. :)

it's no big surprise i'm such a fan of amy's designs. i still constantly reach for my pendulum. and many of my queued items, as well as my favourited items include several of her designs.

clearly though, i'm smitten! i'm a little surprised at the amount of yardage i would need though! in fingering weight, i would need 5x skeins! that's heaps! usually with fingering weight yarns, i am good with 3 skeins..

hmmmm anyways... i sadly can't cast on for this right this minute.. (boo!) as work knitting keeps calling my name.. and my gift knitting somehow needs to get done too.. hahah.. but once i have my schedule all sorted out, including knitting for my winter market (say what?!) i will squeeze in a sweater for me....

tell me, what new patterns are popping up in your ravelry page? which have caught your eye? let's chat knitting! it's a perfect day for it, and i have my needles at the ready. xo


  1. I'm totally obsessed with this pattern too!! But I promised myself I would knit Laneway first, since I already have the yarn for it!! I was going to suggest that we do a little KAL for Sweet Jane, but realized that neither of us has made any progress on our Imagine When shawls!! :p What a pair we are!

    I could be wrong, but I thought Sweet Jane was knit in sport weight? Not exactly DK but maybe faster than fingering weight?? I could also be trying to enable you to cast on...just so I would have an excuse to cast on too....

  2. Bahahah Melissa! You ARE an enabler! I feel like I really should make progress on the imagine when shawl... And I still have hopes for a boxy in wasabi... ;) gah.. Why can't there be more hours in the day and only for selfish knitting? Xo

  3. Replies
    1. :) do you think you might knit it up amchart? xo

  4. That does look like an awesome sweater! Hmm... might have to queue that!


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