this weekend, i am looking forward to a lot of selfish knitting, and hopefully finishing my mom's blanket!

it's been a busy week... and this is the second week with the rotating strikes, so owen is home with me today..

we've got plans for a play date and a picnic... of course, i'll bring my knitting too... :) i'm even hoping to dig out the imagine shawl to make some progress on that this weekend! it's definitely summer weather here... and we're planning on enjoying it! our family is also going on a family day sail! that will be fun. Owen always loves seeing his daddy at work. ohh and then i'll be getting my hair done! i'm not gonna lie. i'm kind of excited. the last time i saw a hair dresser was when i donated a huge amount... that would be more than 2 years ago...and it's too long again!

tell me, what are your weekend plans? I'd love to hear them! xoox

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