half way!

i've been working diligently away on selfish projects.. and i'm so loving these socks!!

totally rocking the sandal tan here.
because i only knit for myself on weekends i am actually surprised with how much can get done. i think that if i just spread my work knitting out to the weekends as well, i wouldn't do any selfish knitting.. at any rate, this schedule seems to be working for me!

i'm just starting the heel of the second sock, so who knows... maybe next weekend i'll have a new pair of socks!!
the posting has been a bit sporadic these last few weeks... we're still unsure what's happening with the end of the school schedule.... and my hubby has a busy sea time ahead of him...
i'm glad i can get on here every so often, though... it makes me happy. :)

tell me, what selfish thing do you have on your needles?? come chat. xo


  1. Love the sock! I'm sure they'll be lovely when they are finished!
    I don't currently have a selfish project on the go at the moment, but I am taking part in a KAL starting this weekend, so I may use it as an excuse to make another pair of socks for myself! :-)

  2. Those are beautiful socks.

    I found your blog a couple of months ago and look sooo forward to your posts. It's also great that you're a fellow Canadian. I live in Alberta. I love how you are able to have knitting as your job. I envy you. I also do custom knits and have been involved with markets since I was 10. I so love knitting and enjoy chatting about it. Sorry for the rant.

    1. so good to meet you! (in the online sense anyways ) ;) my hubby is from alberta! small world :) what's currently on your needles? xo

    2. I apologise for anonymous name but I don't have a profile. My name is Abbie. Several things on the needles...just finished Jane Richmond's gemini for my mom, also a kids vest and ugg boottees. The vest needs to be done tonight!!!


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