a letter to you....

if you still follow my blog... this is for you:

wow. i've seriously just dropped off the blog world radar it seems... i am so so sorry... truth be told, i'm having a hard time finding the time and things to write about! i feel like most of my posts end up being about how busy i am, and how i really am knitting, but don't have any pictures to show you.. blah blah blah.... and though what i'm saying really is true, i'm sure it's getting a bit boring too...

my man is away at sea now... and with the looming strike ahead of us, i've got my little man home with me now... which really does leave less time to write, you know?

i kind of really beat myself up over this, as it's bothering me a lot. i had worked so hard trying to blog often, and  now i seem to have run out of steam...

i still want to have an online presence... it means the world to me to be able to have a voice here, and friends here... so i have to make a promise to you and to me....

it seems i rarely have time to knit for myself, and that absolutely has to change. i've got lots of goodies in the mail that i'm expecting, and a yarn stash that i'm over the moon for... so i need to work with it...

and so i will... and my promise is to also share this with you too! so here's where i start... a peek at the stash...

there is actually a few more shelves full that i haven't yet snapped a pic of, but i think you get the idea :)
i've got plans for that pile of pink near the bottom.... once the sskal starts up... ;) and in the first pic there is the majority of my wollmeise stash... :) i *might* have one more skein of the laceweight hiding somewhere on the top shelf too. lol!

so tonight i'm basically just asking you to please not give up on me... don't forget about me! i promise to be here, and to share more with you.. instead of being such an absent blogger...

love, rebecca. xo


  1. You have the most inspiring amazing stash. I enjoy your posts, and I will still be here <3

    Luv U Rebecca xo

    Lisa (Anthony's Mom)

  2. Blogging shouldn't feel like work, so write when you have the time/chance! I think your readers totally understand if you've been missing for a while! ♥

  3. I always enjoy reading what you write, whenever you write...so don't give up and don't put pressure on yourself. Just blog when you can. : )

  4. I'm still here! I really enjoy your blog, so don't worry about not posting as often - everyone has spells where life gets busy and blogging takes a back seat. :-)

  5. I couldn't have kept a blog going when my children were your son's age. I only started as everyone got older and I found time on my hands. Now, I'm in a new phase of caring for older relatives and it's become hard to find the time for photography and blogging and taking care of myself. If I just throw in some photos of stuff we're doing once a week, I feel better about it. I know that when I see a friend's blog update on ravelry, I'm still interested in reading, whether they're a daily presence or not. So, I think, this is the only way my blog can grow with me.
    Then, there are days where I have a few hours to mess with photos and say what I want and it's so much fun and I'm glad I keep the blog alive :). Even better, I might have time to comment on some of the blogs I read!
    Hope things go smoothly while your husband is away and that you find the perfect balance for your family, business, and person hobbies. I'll still be reading when I see your picture pop up on ravelry.

  6. Don't worry, we aren't going anywhere. We'll be here for you when you have the time and inclination :) And thank you for sharing your stash photos! I've never seen yours and it's always interesting to see what people have.

  7. Yay! I can't wait to read your posts about using your stash! You're awesome :)

  8. awe thanks so much everyone! you've given me very warm fuzzies. xoxoxoxo

  9. I know what busy feels like and I completely understand that you can't do everything (especially with your hubby away) I think we all just do what we can and if that means sporadic blogging for you then so be it. It will be lovely to catch up with what you are doing when you have the chance :)

  10. I totally agree with the other comments. Devoted readers will still be here and excited to read whatever you post. So I'm not going anywhere!!

    Being a mom myself I know what being is and trying to fit everything into a day can be challenging. Just take the time and do what you need to do for your family and yourself.

    What a great stash you have. I am looking forward to seeing all your knits with it. I would also love to see more of your custom/commissioned knits. Knitting for customers myself, I always enjoy what others knit to sell.

    Hang in there :)



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