hi there summer!

Thank you so much for your amazing, kind words. :) i really do love to be in this place, and share with you...
this past week was a full one. my hubby came home from sea on thursday, to a very busy weekend! i ran the navy 10k. (first race in a year!) and owen ran the kids fun run. we also had t-ball closing ceremonies. what? t-ball is already over? that went by fast! so you can bet that if i had an opportunity to sit and knit, i did...

this is the perfect start to summer, don't you think?
though unfortunately, early this morning the little man and i took daddy to work as he's gone to sea again for 2 more weeks...
we've stocked up at the library, and the lego movie has arrived from gran.... so hopefully this momma can get the work knitting done so we can go and play!

tell me, how was your weekend? what do you have planned for this week? xo


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  2. Awesome job on the 10k!!!

    There's nothing better than knitting in the sun! I had to knit inside due to the rainy weather we had on Saturday, but at least I got to knit:) I have started market knitting for the fall already, as I will be away most of the summer and don't know how much I will get done.

    Happy knitting :)



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