line break!

woah. has it really been a week since i've blogged?? eeks. so sorry!! with soccer season now over, tball season has begun, and we're almost through our swimming lessons. kung fu is our constant, and so far owen continues to love it and wants to go often. :)

such is life. and sometimes that means the blog is a bit quieter. but whateves. because then some times you pop by and see this!!

i had this shawl on my needles for quite some time... and i'm soooo glad that it's ready for me to wear! i love it! can you believe it's the very first grey shawl i own?

this is of course none other than line break by veera valimaki.

i decided to go down a needle size, just as my friend liisa did. and really her shawl is the reason i cast on for this one. i was kind of obsessed. she actually claims this to be one of her most favourite shawls to knit. and honestly, this girl knows knitting... if she has a fave, i want to knit it. i know i won't be disappointed....
liisa actually wrote an awesome post about her line break and how it was almost gone forever! eeks. many tears. go and read it. you'll be glad you did... i promise it has a happy ending.

i do love this yarn. i used madelinetosh merino light, in the charcoal colourway. i love the depth of this yarn! seriously, it's high time i had a grey shawl in my hot little hands. and i want more!!

i've done my best with the photos... what with my hubby having pneumonia, i just tried the "selfie" route this time around. ;)

have you knit any of veera's patterns? which is your fave? what do you have on your needles? it's shawl and sock season here! xo


  1. Beautiful! I've knit Different Lines and a couple of her sweater patterns. Different Lines is my favorite scarf. :) I might have to knit Line Break!

  2. I'm so jealous! Good job, it looks gorgeous!!!! Sorry to hear about hubby :( And I agree, anything Liisa likes I like too!

  3. I love when knits have a story ... thanks for sharing! I think every wardrobe needs something grey and soft. Your new shawl is perfect.

    1. thanks so much!! now on to the next grey shawl hey? xo

  4. Lovely pattern. I recently tried the Colour affection shawl, and loved it. it will certainly not be the only one of Vera's patterns I try. And I also just recently finished using Madeline Tosh yarn for the first time, and .....swoon....amazing!!!

    1. colour affection is definitely in my queue... and i'm sure i've got some great colours for it! oh and the madtosh!! yah ahmazing!!! xoxo


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