hoppy easter!!

how was everyone's holiday weekend? ours was fantastic! and pretty much as full as we could make it. including a family photo shoot on the beach! weee! our house was a busy little household this weekend. we had family coming to visit... and digging out the baby toys was really a treat! of course the easter bunny was very good to owen. :)

we also made sure to sneak in a little family hike. something i love so much! we definitely need to make more time for these hikes. xo

so now as i try to catch my breath, and catch up on emails, and give work my much needed attention, tell me, what goodies did you find yourself doing, and receiving, and eating this weekend? any yummy easter yarns? did you start any easter knits? i really wish i had time to do a bit of selfish knitting this weekend, ... but it didn't happen :) though i can't complain! i am still knitting a mile a minute and it's all helping to generate a little income! i am one very lucky girl. xo

come chat! i've missed you! tell me about your weekend! xo

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