knitting plans...

helloo! how is it already thursday?! can you tell me that? crazy how fast the weeks are flying by. 
soooo remember this?

i just finished up my third custom order of them! that's a lot of knitting guys. :) i can't wait to deliver it!! also on my plate is still my regular "work knitting" and i have a new project i'm about to embark on. i'm excited to share it with you! i sitll have a few custom orders on the go.... and even though it's not even summer yet, i'm beginning to plan my winter market stock knitting. 

so yes, i still do custom orders...though the production time-frame will be increasing. these knits really are worth waiting for though. ;) xo
that's probably the one thing about knitting that's important to remember.... it's a time-consuming craft.. no matter how speedy of a knitter you are... you always have to plan a little farther in advance.... this way, hopefully... i can have another f.o for me soon! and of course gift knitting.... babies are being born and my mom has been waiting patiently (like 2 years patiently) for a blanket. eeks! i HAVE to get on that!!

tell me, what's on your needles? any long term knitterly plans? are you already scheduling market knitting?(or am i the only one this early in the year...?) come chat! it's a lovely day... and i've got yummy coffee... xo


  1. On my needles currently is the Elder Tree shawl by Soft Sweater. I'm using YOTH Big Sister from Tolt in Carnation, WA. I'm so happy I got some of that yarn - it's wonderful! If I remember correctly, you picked up some of that for yourself as well, so you know what I'm talking about :)

    I haven't started on winter market knitting but I really should. I want to have plenty of shawls and cowls knit, as well as yarn spun and dyed. I'd better follow your example and get on top of it!

    The shawl on my needles now though, that's for me :)

    1. oh yay for selfish knitting! and with YOTH yarn too! eeks! i really also want to knit the elder tree shawl... so many things in my queue!!! what markets do you like to do, lindsay? xo

    2. I have a couple of friends who are planning markets for this year and hopefully at least one of them ends up actually happening! There are a few small markets throughout the year at a bar called Speckled and Drake here in Seattle also. Everything is pretty up in the air right now but I'm sure I will end up with at least one place to peddle my wares :)

    3. oh that sounds awesome! markets held in a bar brings in a totally different crowd.. and it's so fun! xo can't wait to hear what markets you end up vending at! xo

  2. I actually saw someone wearing one of these around town last week and decided I have to have one too! I might do mine in black or dark grey, though.


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