are you in?

i can't believe that it's already time for the tops, tanks and tee's KAL!

 my pal shannon hosts them, and they are fun! it's definitely a great way to get on board with knitting... and be excited for garment knitting too! the first ttt kal that i did, i knitted gemini. it's a jane richmond pattern (no big surprise there, as i'm such a fan of her patterns!) and i loved it!

i learned a bit in this kal. this was the first time that i had ever worked with 100% linen. i do love the outcome of it. this top still looks new, years later! but knitting with linen is definitely not something my hands were used to. i found i needed to space it out with other "softer" knits.

the bonus with knitting with linen though is that the blocking process is soooo easy! you can literally toss it in the washer and the dryer! shutthefrontdoor! i'm being serious. it's awesome!

the following year, i knitted work + shelter (the short sleeved version) by allyson dykhuizen.

 this literally flew off the needles. such a fast knit! this was knit with knit picks' cotLin. and i have to say, i love that stuff!

it's also a shirt that looks just like new still!

i know there's always a rush of excitement with this kal... (and just wait until you get into the summer sweater kal!) and many end up doing several tops! this year, shan has opted for a shorter time frame for the kal.

i am really hoping to partake in it this year.... and i have a few ideas... the main one being a re-do actually! ... years ago i knit "make up your mind" by knittedblissJC.

sadly, i've never worn it!.... i had decided almost right after i had finished knitting it that i wished each of my "sections" were a tad longer... and of course now i kind of think i'd like it a bit baggier too... sooo i ended up frogging it... and i still have the yarn.... (plus extra).... this just might be the project for me!

of course that way i'm using stash yarn, which is kinda important these days.... i'm hoping to show you my stash soon, so you'll see why. ahem.

i know for a fact that my queue will grow with seeing what others will be knitting for this kal, but that's what i'm thinking for me so far anyways... :) now let's hope i can squeeze in the knitting time for this, hey? xo

tell me, are you joining in? what will you be creating? come chat! xo


  1. So excited you are going to join in!!! can't wait to see what you make! xoxox

    1. haha well i always have good intentions! let's hope i can fit it in! :) thankfully i've already got the yarn and the pattern :) xo

  2. I have been so excited for this! I always love your tops. I'm going to do Icarus, from the latest Knitty issue. I actually thought "I wonder if Rebecca will make this too?" because it sort of seems your style. :)

    1. you're awesome! i'm off to check it out! xo

    2. Icarus was my favorite from the last Knitty issue. Now I'm super tempted to make it!

    3. jamie! now is as good a time as ever! do it... ;) xo

  3. I'm so excited to join in too! I'll be watching you as you reknit this tank. I would love to make it but think for me to enjoy it I'd have to either knit it with an elastic cotton yarn or add some positive ease to it. So if you're gonna add the ease I'm gonna watch :)

    Can you believe that I started following your blog just after you finished knitting up this tank for the first time?! Time sure has flown!

    1. you're telling me! i can't believe how fast the years have been going by lately.. i wish time would slow down! i hope i make some good progress on this tank! let's hope for many productive days. ;) xo


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