imagine KAL

so remember when i went to vogue knitting live? remember how much yarn i bought? (yeah, i'm linking it to two seperate posts... because that's how much yarn i got... ) and how i seem to have this habit of not casting on with those new yarns for ever..?? well i'm knitting with one of the newer skeins now! yipeeeee!!!!!

my absolute fave booth while there was neighborhood fiber co. hands down. of course i loved so many of the booths, but if i could have spent more at this booth, i would have...

the layout was stunning, and easy to manoeuvre in... and there were samples to try! so i tried one... it was joji's imagine when shawl. it was a light as air.. and the drape was just so lovely! i was in love... actually a bunch of us were in love... the sample was knit with the capital luxury lace, which is a make up of 80% wool/10% cashmere/10% nylon .... and the yardage is a whopping 560 yds!!! i had to show you their website photo of the yarn i grabbed, because i had such a hard time capturing the colour!

this photo is taken from neighorhod fiber co. it is their photo.

so right then and there, we decided to snag skeins and start our own KAL. no kidding! the deal was just to cast on on the same day, and then just knit it when you can.. we don't have a deadline... i love it. no stress...

guys. i love LOVE the colour i chose! the above photo is from the website.. i just had such a hard time capturing it on my camera.... the colour is: georgetown. i looooove it!!!

and i'm actually working away on this lovely shawl! i'm hoping it will use up most of the yarn... as the pattern calls for 500 yards, i'm hopeful. i just love it so much!

i'm not nearly as far as a lot of the other ladies who have joined in... and that's ok... i'm loving every stitch, and knitting with this yarn, and my signature needles? eek! i'm a happy girl.

i'm most definately in my happy zone when i'm knitting this.... and when it's done, i'll have a fantastic shawl to wrap up in! yay for selfish knitting!! bonus, is that many of my dear friends will have the same shawl! i'm thinking we should have a group pic when they're all done... no? xo


  1. Oh, I have a skein of Georgetown that I picked up from one of my LYS - Fibre Space - and it's the most beautiful color I've ever seen! I'm also planning a shawl with mine, though I keep getting distracted by other projects and haven't cast on yet.

  2. eeeek! i've been to Fibre Space! i love that shop!!! such a small world :) i can't wait to hear what you'll knit with your Georgetown! xo


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