hatley castle.

a couple of weekends ago i had the fantastic opportunity of teaching a knitting workshop at the hatley castle in royal roads university. holy smokes guys... this place is stunning!
of course, knowing this is the x-men school was pretty cool too! ha.

dating back to 1908 this place is just oozing charm and of course, history... it once served as dormitory and mess hall for cadets and staff officers. this facility was going to close in 1995 but due to huge support from the public, the province went into negotiations with the federal government, and it's now continued to be used as a university. 
 i couldn't have asked for nicer weather, and really, i think this place and knitting just goes together.. hey? 

i wish i could have spent more time in the castle, but that's ok. next time. i made sure to get some pics of the grounds...

the workshop went really well! i look forward to more opportunities like this. everyone left pretty excited about knitting :) which is just perfect in my books....

i have to admit. it felt really neat to teach here! of course, now i have to call myself a professor of knitting or something. ;) haha.

i also feel incredibly lucky to live so close to this stunning piece of property! have you ever had a chance to visit? xo


  1. I love Hatley Castle! I grew up kinda behind it. Even when it was a military college, my family would go to the gardens when they opened them to the public on special days. And for awhile the public library moved there (once it was a public university). I even had my prom there. So many great great memories there. I even like the peacocks even though they are scary intimidating!

    That's so cool you got to teach there!

    1. so nice that you have such amazing memories of the place!!! love it! hahah and yah i'm with you on the peacocks. when i lived near beacon hill, i was sure to keep my distance. haha.

    2. The best memory was when it was still a military college and driving by one night and the guards at the gate were on the road trying to 'herd' a deer back into the grounds so it didn't get run over!

    3. that's awesome! we are so kind, us canadians ;) xo

  2. frikkin' awesome that you got to teach there. i'd happily call you dr. becca! xo

    1. hee hee dr. becca! love it!!! xoxox


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